Monday, August 17, 2009

Your Free Shopping and Search Engine Tool!

Attention: Internet Shoppers and Opportunity Seekers,

Welcome To The New and Improved MyShoppingGenie 3.0..Launching August 29, 2009! Learn More Now!

Tuesday and Thursday nights will both be incredible conference calls!
9 pm eastern/8 pm central/6 pm pacific
512-597-6060 pin code 696388#

Hear what everyone is buzzing about!

The Cooperative Compensation Plan:

1. Sell two licenses and earn $100. (every two personal sales equals $100 bonus)
2. Once you have one personal sale ($199) on your right team and one personal sale ($199) on your left team, you earn $50 every time your team hits two sales on the right and two sales on the left! That's $50 every time you get two on each side! Note: You also earn $10 every time two people on your right team pay $29/mo. and two people on your left team pay $29 a month.
3. Matching bonuses throughout your entire personally enrolled team from 10 to 30 percent once you are qualified. Note: Not a matching bonus on your personally sponsored, but a matching bonus on everyone in your entire personally enrolled team down through infinity!

To learn more details, listen to the recorded call below where the cooperative compensation plan is explained by soon to be Global Power distributor, Orman Curl from Atlanta, GA.

Genie 3.0:

1. hundreds of Affiliate partners pay us when people use the Genie and buy from their stores including Amazon!
2. free offers and coupons available to people that have a Genie on their computer and some of these manufacturers pay us for the leads.
3. co-branding for business owners is enhanced.
4. search itself is enhanced with Bing, Yahoo and Google at the click of a mouse on the Genie.
5. shopping comparison using three of the top shopping comparison sites. (Bizrate, and Google shopping)
6. local classifieds for whatever it is you are searching for.
7. still only $199 one time and $29 a month to distribute the F.R.E.E software!

So Join Me Now and Start On Your Journey To Financial Freedom! You'll be glad you did.

To Your Savings and Success,
Erv Lawson

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