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Your Free Shopping and Search Engine Tool Just In Time For Christmas!

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Here is a great recorded conference call immediately following the launch of Genie 3.0 and the enhanced Pay Plan! This call explains Genie 3.0. Benefits to the end user and thousands of ways of making money by giving away free Genies.


Here is the conference call the night after the Genie 3.0 launch! Hear about the greatest compensation plan ever developed. Commit2Win!


A few of the organizations that are already using the My Shopping Genie are:

Victory Junction: a charity of NASCAR
Streetscape Magazine
George Weber Chevrolet
Lou Fusz Automotive
Dave Sinclair Dealerships
Sunset Ford
Pizza World
International House of Pancakes
Resume Bear
Mary Kay

Here is an outline of the presentation that I use.

Part 1 of the presentation and this is where most of us, including yours truly blow it too often. The DREAM and TIMING. Does your prospect have a WHY? Are they open to looking? (is the timing right). Find these two things out before going any further with your presentation. If they do not have a why and/or the timing is not right, do not go any further and waste your time and theirs. Learn to say NEXT!

Part 2 of the presentation can be perfected with a little practice. Just demo the Genie. Start by having your prospect go left to right on the four boxes at the bottom of your Shopping Genie website.

1. How Does it Work?
2. Is This Safe?
3. What's Being Said?
4. Get it Now!

Savings! We help people find the best price on things they are already buying! By the way, teach people the truth that saving money is just like (in fact better than) making money. People using the fr.e.e Genie save more in a month than most distributors of other companies earn!

1. Fr.e.e Offers and Coupons available for everyone that uses the Genie and best of all when people take advantage of these fr.e.e offers and coupons we often get paid by the manufacture. Pay per lead!
2. Affiliate partners paying our distributors for bringing them buyers! Pay per sale!
3. Co-Branding for business owners that buy a license. Show them the Shopping Genie logo and explain that their logo can replace our logo and hyper link to their website! Business owners want a license as soon as they see this benefit. By the way, distributors have sold this as advertising to business owners. You can charge a business to have their logo and link on YOUR Genies. Get enough Genies out there and this becomes very valuable.
4. Clickbank pays us on 12,000 digital products and they are all programmed in to the Genie! Nothing drives targeted traffic better than the Genie.
5. Expanded Search. Search on any of the major three (Google, yahoo and Bing) and have access to the other two at just a click of the mouse on the Genie.
6. Best of all, it is F.r.e.e to the end user. That's right, we give it away! I do have at least one distributor that claims he charges people to download his genies, but I think he is kidding me. :)
7. We get paid per click on two of the three shopping comparison sites! So when someone uses your free Genie and clicks on compare to get the BEST PRICE and save money, YOU MAKE MONEY!

At this point I have shared thousands of ways to earn income with the Genie opportunity. I now mention that all of this is available for only $199 one time and a small $29 a month license fee to keep your license active. I mention that there is no long term commitment or contract as you can turn your Genie on or off at any time. The $199 really is a lifetime license!

Part Three and yes this is my favorite part of the presentation, the Pay Plan! We are calling our pay plan the Cooperative Compensation Plan. I like to mention that in addition to all the ways of getting paid by giving the Genie away, we also get paid for selling licenses and recruiting a team of people that sell licenses.

1. Quick Start commissions. Every two new personally enrolled distributors enrolled equal $100 in Quick Start commissions OVER and OVER again. No Limit! No time requirements. Every two personal licenses sold is a $100 commission.
2. The Cooperative Infinity pay structure (CIP) pays you a $50 cycle bonus every time you and your team generate two sales on your right team and two sales on your left team. You have to be active (paying your $29 a month) and you have to be qualified (have made at least one personal sale on your right team and one on your left team. You also earn $10 cycle bonuses for every two $29 monthly payments on your right and two $29 payments on your left team. NOTE: Go to the MyShoppingGenie website and click on Business Opportunity and then click on Pay Plan.
3. Team Builder Infinity Match Pay overrides can generate Unlimited Team Building income! Earn from 10% to 30% Match Pay on ALL distributors in your personally enrollment tree down through infinity or potentially down to the next Global Power Distributor in each team. You can potentially earn 10% to 30% Matching bonus on every $50 and $10 cycle bonus on your entire personally enrolled team. NOT just your personals, but YOUR ENTIRE personally enrolled team.

Part Four is helping your new team member get started.

1. Go to the MyShoppingGenie website and click on Business Opportunity and then click on Become a Distributor and scroll down to the bottom and click on click on Become an MSG Distributor.
2. Encourage them to make their first two sales in their first 72 hours and earn their first $100. Help them get started! Invest the time to help them make these first two sales. Get 2 in the first 3 days and you just joined the Commit2Win club.
3. Encourage them to become a Power Distributor! This is the foundation of our business model. To become a Power Distributor you simply enroll three personals (or more) and have a personally enrolled team of fifteen. Accomplish that and you are now a Power Distributor.
4. Start helping others become a Power Distributor and you are on your way to Global Power Distributor and the 20% matching bonus on every distributor in your personally enrolled team. To become a Global Power Distributor you need to help three personals (or more) achieve Power Distributor and have a total of fifteen Power Distributors on your personally enrolled team.
5. Game Plan to Global is to personally enroll twelve people ASAP and then work with those that work to build at least one of the twelve down twelve levels in depth. When you accomplish this in your first 90 days you become part of the Williams Team 12x12 club and you also win a Jamaica All-Inclusive Getaway. Not to mention this 12x12 structure sets you up for achieving Global very quickly. I personally achieved Global in three weeks to the day using this strategy.

That's it with one very important exception! Use a three way call with someone to either help you close the sale or to confirm the decision to join and edify you as a leader. The most successful people use three way calls the most. Identify two or three successful people that agree to do three ways calls for you and use them often!
The people that are serious about joining my 12x12 club are hitting the ground running. See you on the next prime time call at 8 pm central. 512-597-6060 pin code 696388#. Be sure to join us every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday night at 8 pm central time and get everyone you can on the call.
There is some negative junk on the Internet about my good friend Bruce Bise. Before you judge Bruce, how about listening to this interview and hear his side of the story?


Bruce Bise personal interview with Barry St. Clair of Reach Out Youth Ministry. Part I


Bruce and Barry Part II
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