Monday, October 19, 2009

Have You Heard About The Incredible All Expense Paid Trip You Can Win?

Genie 3.0 Business Presentation and National Sales Event Update Call Sunday Night, Tuesday night and Thursday night at 8 pm CDT. Saturday morning Training Call 10 am CDT:

512-597-6060 Pin Code 696388#

Special Sizzling Calls October 19th and October 21st Only!
12 Noon CDT and 5 pm CDT (Same Number and Time Above)

Hear from four guests that all traveled hundreds of miles to attend the Genie 3.0 National Sales event!

Please don't miss what is about to happen! If you were not at the event Saturday, you do NOT know what these speakers know.

Another big upgrade to the Genie! Check out Deals.

Have you heard about the FREE.TRIP to

Check out "News and Events" regarding the FREE.TRIP!

Seven days to and win a trip for your spouse in the process! Check News and Events above for details.

Here is an email that I am using to find my seven in seven days!

Hi Internet Marketer,

I am currently expanding my business. How is your timing? Are you interested in online working five to ten hours a week. Full training and support are available to help you start online.

I am recruiting seven people this week that I will be helping to build an online income and an opportunity to win a very nice trip all expenses paid to!

If you would like to be one of the seven people I work with, please reply with a comment regarding your level of interest.

Do you want to be considered for one of the seven?

God Bless,

Erv Lawson
Team of HOPE
(800,000+ Downloads From Satisfied Customers)

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